This blog begins as a final assignment for Field Experience credit in an M.Ed program with a focus on Continuing and College Education.

In the spirit of the research that I collected this summer, I gave up on trying to write a paper on paper. Especially when early drafts of the collected research and notes started to tip the scales at forty or so pages in a word processing program. I found that I needed hyperlinks to draw the kinds of connections that I am exploring in this project, and not just to websites but to my own work as well.

I started this project with an idea that I would immerse myself in the new-to-me arena of adult learning theories, take a hard look at the Internet and attempt to develop a design for a site that collected information and community resources related to domestic and sexual violence.

My professional background includes work as an advocate and an attorney, and I have a fair amount of written materials related to that work. The original idea for this summer’s project was to translate that information and collected online resources into a prototype website that would eventually operate as an online educational resource.

The magnitude of what I was considering as an end result for that project quickly switched the focus of the project to the development of a site index. As I continued to research adult learning theory and the development of educational opportunity online, I increasingly felt that I was skipping a significant step in the development of the project.

Then I saw this video by Dr. Michael Wesch:

And I had a bit of a “perspective transformation.”

I’ve been keeping a private blog of my research and classwork, at first mostly because it seemed like a reasonable way to back up my work. I also prefer writing on a blog platform in general and have gravitated to it over the past year or so. But then when it was time to produce a paper the old way I noticed how different the creative process felt. It was like I was trying to get back into a paper bag that I had ripped to shreds with the work I had done this summer.

Now that I have set up this public blog, I plan to continue to add to it as I continue my work in graduate school. This blog is designed to be a chronicle of my evolving ideas and a place to collect links to news and online resources.

Please feel free to use the comments to offer feedback and make suggestions for this site, including suggested links to online educational resources and news related to education, learning and the online world.

August 17, 2008


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