Perpetual Motion

reflections on being a student in the 21st century:


“Perpetual Motion” by destinazione_altrove (feat. Donnie Ozone) via


“Orbital Motion Around the Sun” via SuperPunch at

“NASA Goes Back To The Moon…” by NASA via

“Sesame Street: The Martians Discover a Telephone” by Sesame Street via

“Information R/evolution” by Michael Wesch at via

“Kittens Nod To The Beat” via 建华 高 at


“Map of the Internet” by The Opte Project at via

“Ministry of Technology to Offer High Speed Internet Connections to Local Clients” April 22, 2013 via Pars Herald at

“Elemental Seal of Power” by Brad Willner at

“Spiritual Currency” The Batman Chronicles No. 18, Fall 1999 DC Comics: New York

“Bad Artists” by Banksy at via


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