a view of the blogosphere

via Data Mining: Mapping The Blogosphere:

Here we have a hyperbolic display of blogs using both the WWE and the ICWSM 2007 data sets.


update:  The Data Mining post links to an April 20, 2007 Discover Magazine that helps explain some of the bright spots and other features of the image above.
blogo_sm.jpg According to Discover Magazine, “Green links represent one-way links (that is, blog A links to blog B), and blue links indicate reciprocal links (blog B returns the favor).”

The image posted at Discover Magazine, while slightly different than the larger image posted at the beginning of this post, is also from the Data Mining blog author, Matthew Hurst, and appears to be another perspective on the same information.

According to Discover, the bright spot at the number 1 is reported to be DailyKos, 2 is Boing Boing, 3 is LiveJournal, and the blue blob at 4 shows “balanced political discourse,” with the brightest light going to Michelle Malkin.  5 is “online smut” and 6 are “sports enthusiasts.”

This does make me wonder what the blogosphere looks like now, and how this image grew during this recent election.


2 Responses to “a view of the blogosphere”

  1. hannahflynn Says:

    Nice, can you tell me who the big white dots are representing?

  2. learningdocument Says:

    Thank you very much for your comment. I have added an update to this post with more information about what is represented in the image.

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